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Make Decisions as the Story Unfolds,
Your Character Writes the Novel

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Welcome to Elementa

Elementa is a not just an avatar, Elementa is not just a collectable, Elementa is also the remaining population of a destroyed world called Viridium, the last 5,000 survivors, trying to find a way to save their world.

Your character is your entry into the world of Elementa, with them you will face tough battles, compete to be champions, create guilds with your closest allies and be a part of the epic storyline fantasy Novel which adapts to every decision you make in our Story Mode.

Elementa also offers Seasonal Leader boards with ETH and other Prizes, and will also let you convert your in-game gold to our ERC-20 token $ELEM for a real play-to-earn experience. All while keeping value and provable rarity.

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Your Character

Your NFT is randomly generated from over 140 individually hand drawn pieces, ensuring each one is unique.

First and foremost, your NFT gets a unique name. Your character could very well feature in our Novel by this name!

It will come as one of 7 unique races, with a unique set of armour and weapons that no other character has.

The background image will show your characters home Bastion, which will further impact your fighting capabilities and Novel experience.

It will also come with a handful of randomly assigned stats which will, along with your equipments bonuses and where you physcially hit your opponent, impact the outcome of your fights.

You have full rights to any NFT artwork you hold. You can use this as you wish, crop it for a profile picture, edit it, make derivatives of it.

The mint cost is only 0.05 ETH.

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What else is Elementa offering?

We know very well that as an NFT community, we have to do more than just offer you artwork. The game we are producing is one key part of that, but we are offering so much more to really be a shining example of what an NFT community should be.

The Novel

The main USP of this project. We have written the prologue for the Novel and are releasing a bit every few days until the drop. Once it drops, we will be writing each chapter based on decisions you make with your character. Your character could even feature in the Novel itself! Earn $ELEM for taking part.

The Game

A combat arena for a P2E experience, earn the $ELEM token for taking part, the better you do the more you earn. Enter a random fight, pick a certain character to duel against, enter grand tournamets. We will be running seasonal leader boards with Eth and other prizes.

Community Investment

We will be providing 10% of sales to a community fund for our holders to decide what to do with. It could be anything from donating to charity, increasing prize pools in the game, spending it on improvements, or hosting pool parties. A share of secondary sales will also be used to top this up.

Charitable Donation

We will be guaranteeing an additional 10% towards charitable donations, who it goes to is open to the community, but we work closely with a charity supporting education in Myanmar who we would be providing some funding to. A share of secondary sales will also be used to top this up.

Play to Earn

There will be prize leaderboard each season the game runs, as well as tournaments with prizes. Further to this, we will be looking in to allowing you to exchange your in-game gold for our ERC-20 coin so you can trade it on exchanges for real money. A share of secondary sales will also be used to top up prize pools.

Metaverse Integrations

We forsee a huge opening for a real MMO style character set up in the metaverse, and we will be buying plots and building Elementa themed locations across the metaverse for your characters to visit.

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Who are the Elementa Team?

The team behind Elementa are stretched across the World, we sought out the best Writer, the best Illustrator and the best Developers to ensre every angle of this project was top notch from day 1.


The mastermind behind the idea, and Lead Developer.

Eddie runs a successful development agency in the UK, working with large clients on a daily basis. Having been a big fan of MMO RPGs since 2001 thanks to Ultima Online, it has always been a dream to build a world of his own and provide a story for people to play through. Time for that dream to come true!



Our super talented Illustrator and Artworker.

Jensen has spent years working for Indonesia's leading Triple-A Game Art and Animation studio, providing exceptionally high detailed artwork as well as some of the most impressive concept art we have ever seen.



The man with story to tell.

We searched high and low for a Novel writer who could really grab us with their Fantasy writing style, while also having passions that relate to the project. Tyler ticked all the boxes. He has even run a successful Kickstarter for his own Roleplay Comic which was fully funded in just 5 hours!



A Developer at heart, and an NFT enthusiast.

Jamie is a developer at the top of his game, he is passionate about everything he builds and won't stop until everything is perfect - exactly what we were looking for. He has also worked on multiple NFT contracts in the past.